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Inbox delivery is no longer a mystery.

Reaching the inbox is more challenging than most marketers think because mailbox providers will frequently indicate that mail has been delivered, when delivered could mean the email was actually delivered to a spam folder. Email marketers are clueless on where their emails are landing and this has a huge impact on success of email marketing campaigns.

We at way2insights wanted to solve this for all the email marketers across the world to make their campaigns work more efficiently and drive more revenue to them.

We have pioneered a revolutionary way by monitoring millions of highly active email users' inboxes and our algorithms process billions of brand emails to arrive at most accurate inbox placement rates for every domain/IP/Sender. Our ability to handle and process huge volumes of inbox data has resulted in accurate inbox rates and helps email marketers to figure out real issues in their email campaigns.

email marketers no longer need to wait for hours and sometimes days to make critical decisions about their email marketing performance. Our Algorithms will through instant results with in minutes after your push your campaign. Our algorithms work on real-time data and provide real time information to an email marketer.

Our Mission:

Empowering email marketers across the globe to drive email campaigns more efficiently with most accurate and real time inbox insights data.

Who we are :

It’s impossible to judge the true success of a campaign when you don’t know exactly where your emails were delivered. And this has troubled us for many years being an email marketer. After many many years of struggles in email marketing, we had built this tool for our internal use and this tool has worked like a magic for our email marketing efficiency.

we being the email marketers thought, this tool will solve the pain of millions of email marketers across the globe. Thus, we have released this as a free tool to all the fellow email marketers across the globe.

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Write to us on : way2insights@way2online.com